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What is “The Centro Fox Experience”?

The Centro Fox Experience provides a unique platform for select partners to inspire lifelong leadership.
Your visit can include staying at President Vicente Fox’s childhood hacienda, touring the adjacent Centro Fox Presidential Library, visiting the capital of Guanajuato (known as the most beautiful city in Mexico), engaging with nearby universities, seeing cultural traditions and historical locations up close, and much, much more.  Staying here is the perfect getaway for groups of all ages!
You can customize your experience to include college courses and trainings, conferences and retreats, and just about anything you can think of when designing an impactful event at a most special location.
Proceeds of the Centro Fox Experience make it possible for students in Mexico and the United States to participate in the world’s first foreign exchange program to take place at a presidential library.  A video narrated by President Vicente Fox about this foreign exchange program can be viewed here.
Would your group be interested in creating a program as part of the Centro Fox Experience?  Please share your ideas by sending an email to [email protected].

What is “The Presidential Delegation to Centro Fox”?

The Presidential Delegation to Centro Fox is the the ¨on ramp¨ for leaders to visit Centro Fox for the first time so that they can be equipped to:
(a) provide the Centro Fox Experience for their respective groups in the future
(b) be meaningful contributors for large events already planned at Centro Fox
(c) explore new potential partnerships at the Centro Fox Presidential Library and Conference Center